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Barney Ballard Structural Engineering Report will address various topics relating to common denominator problems, contributing factors of decaying stability and a viable proven solution to help prevent future foundation / structural problems.

The Foundation Doctor is a consultant only and not affiliated with any foundation company. The final outcome of the construction is dependant on the contractor, materials and follow thru utilized in the process. A Structural Engineer offers advise to a home owner in regards to problems such as cracks, walls buckling, plumbing failures, erosion, roofing stability, doors and or windows functionality or resistance.

A Structural analysis and correctional advise is given for all homes including pier and beam, multi-story homes, pools, home add-ons, retaining walls and septic tank concerns.


Advise could include topics such as the expansive clay soil around and under the house being stabilized by liquid lime or potassium injection to minimize any future soil movement. After the soil has been stabilized, the concrete piers or pilings can be adjusted if needed. Any floors that are then found to be unacceptably out of level can be leveled by mud jacking or injecting a commercial grade expanding foam under the concrete slab foundation.

If a contractor is ever hired to perform structural repairs to a house, he should provide detailed engineering drawings for his method of construction. These engineering drawings need to bear the seal and signature of a registered professional engineer. If the repairs are being made to facilitate an FHA or VA loan, the engineer needs to supervise the work as it is being done so that he can certify to the mortgage company and FHA or VA that the work was done in conformance with his design.

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Structural Engineer / / 817-999-7539




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